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Let’s take a look at how stress impacts our bodies.
Don’t gloss over this because it is super important!! We’re living in a fast-paced, hyper-connected, stressful world, and we’re trying to be the best workers, friends, parents, family support and so much more. There’s always so much going on, and health often gets put on the backburner. It is not realistic for us to eliminate all sources of stress. However, what we can do is create lifestyle habits that support our mind and body and prioritise time for rest and relaxation.
The signs of stress show up in the body, and affect how our bodily systems (like the digestive, nervous and circulatory system) function.
It can:
Impact blood sugar levels
Disrupt thyroid function
Throw hormones out of whack
Lead to weight gain
Lead to fatigue, energy levels drop and sex drive impacted
Impact digestion and the list goes on!
So don’t you think it’s important to take time for some rest and rejuv?
Here are some simple ideas for how you can incorporate pauses and rest stops into your day for the next 30 days.You can also do this with your kids. – Attend a yoga class or practice some online yoga ( or youtube cosmic kids yoga is great) for 15 -20 minutes – Put your legs up against the wall for 10 minutes and breathe deeply
– Go for a walk or stroll with your loved one or kids and leave your phone at home. – When you have a few moments to rest, don’t go straight to emails/social media. Instead, read your book, have a bath/shower or have a power nap. – Learn meditation techniques or just 5 deep belly breaths a day
– Set boundaries with technology – designate a specific time to check your emails and put aside time to check social media. If you are tempted to check emails and social media all the time, delete the apps off your phone for the rest of the day. – Ensure you have a nourishing night time routine. This is not the best time to start working or checking social media. Instead, commit to a 20-minute bedtime ritual