Moving to a new country is already difficult as it is, but can get even more overwhelming when you have to try and figure out how to live a healthy lifestyle in an unfamiliar environment!

Join me and a community of women just like you and I for support and accountability in a positive, judgement free environment.



Having more energy and vitality, feeling more engaged in life, and being happier can start with making a few small changes in your daily habits and engaging in self education. Healthy living doesn’t have to be complicated.

Health -Travel - Community - Family

For Expat mamas who have left their life behind in their home country to follow their husband to the USA so that he can further his career,
That feel as though we have no choice but to be brave and be the glue that holds the family together, whilst craving social connection and relevance. That are struggling with finding good healthy food for the family when surrounded by so much processed sugary food.
The Healthy Expat Mama promises to provide support and health inspiration,
By offering my one on one support, plus a community of other mamas just like you, to reach your own health goals and that of your family,
Backed by my experience as an Expat Mama and support from other expat mamas who are on the same journey to become healthier and happier in their new home,
To address the need for expat mamas in achieving their own health goals and provide a strong social network of like-minded mamas across the US.
Since we understand that it takes a special kind of person to move their family across the world, embracing this experience and making the most of it for the whole family.




Support a healthy lifestyle with a collection of products that deliver protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals, and targeted formulas to support energy and digestive health.


Healthy, beautiful skin isn’t an accident – it’s a result of understanding your skin type and creating a skincare regimen to meets your needs.


Look your best with a collection of botanically inspired products for beautiful face, eyes, cheeks, and lips in flattering neutral hues.


A spectrum of baby care, aromatherapy, spa and personal care products created with luxurious ingredients that soothe, soften, relax and renew.



You have opened my eyes to a whole new world of doing business on my terms from home, even with all my kids and CRAZY life. And I can’t believe how much I have accomplished in such a short time.

Joan M.

I cannot believe how fast my life has taken a turn for the better. I just wish I would have started sooner. Thanks!
Jessie S.

If you ever need me to talk to anyone and sing your praises, just let me know. It will be my pleasure. You have made everything so easy. I can actually see my dreams already coming true!

Mary E.


One of the best opportunities for success is to tackle your goals head on within a support network of friends! Our team has collectively helped folks like you start and excel in their own home-based business behind a proven business plan that simply works to create wealth.



Need a change in your life and your circumstances?

I am so grateful that my company has given us all this incredible opportunity to earn an amazing incentive trip to Jamaica! Arbonne have booked out the ENTIRE Hyatt Ziva resort! Qualification has started this month and it is a LEVEL PLAYING FIELD. Start this month and...

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Your Online Reputation REALLY Matters

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2.4 Times The Rate of Success

According to, 70% of home-based businesses survive at least three years, compared to just 29% of non-home based ventures or 2.4 times the rate. A big part of this equation is the return on investment. While other businesses are sinking costs into...

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New Rules: Entrepreneurship Without All The Risk

It used to be that getting an education and a good job was the norm. Well, the prevailing mentality that leads the workforce to find a standard 9-to-5 job is swinging more in favor of starting your own business. Worries over job security, not getting a regular...

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Your Team And Millionaire Biz Plan

Changing someone’s mindset is always difficult, and it becomes even more difficult when that mindset has been passed down for generations and engrained from a young age. This is the case when it comes to the old school line of thinking that the best way to be...

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