Healthy Expat Mama Challenge

Hey Expat Mamas! Let’s Talk.

1. It is a monumental task moving a family to another country and us Mama’s are the GLUE that holds everything and everyone together.

2. Being stripped of your total support system, you have become the central pillar of the family, and you put yourself and your health goals last.

3. The people closest to you don’t understand that life is not all rosy in your new adventure.

4. The reality is that you have left a full social / work life behind to follow your husband across the globe to further his career.

As an Ex-Pat Australian Mama living on the east coast of the USA, I had to make some big changes in my life.

Before we left Melbourne, I had just taken the plunge and gone out on my own as a corporate travel agent. My husband’s opportunity came up and we made the decision to move.

I underestimated the toll that the move and settling in the family would take on my health both physically and mentally.

Adjusting to the new culture and diet and also acting as if we were on “holiday”, the weight crept on.

So what did I do? I started learning about the acidic and inflammatory foods that weren’t serving me.

I adopted a mostly alkaline diet and have been happier and healthier than ever.

I am no longer tired and bloated.

I have lost weight and my health has improved dramatically!

I have clarity and so much energy!

I am looking for SERIOUS and MOTIVATED women who are ready to invest in themselves, take control of their health, and join a community of likeminded #healthyexpatmamas!

· Accountability in a supportive and positive, judgement-free environment in our exclusive Facebook group.

· A 30 day supply of the highest quality, vegan, Gluten Free, protein shakes on the market.

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· An online community of like-minded individuals working towards similar goals.

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I can only work with a limited number of expat mamas at a time, so as to give each of you the one-on-one assistance you need.

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